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Pool Opening

                            Pool Closing

Dive in pool service wants to take away the worry of preparing your
pool before memorial day or your special occasions. By letting our trained technicians offer a service that assures you all the features of your pool are operating at peak efficiency which includes:

   -Remove and fold pool cover that is free of debris
   -Empty and fold water bags
   -Re-assemble filter,pump,and multiport
   -Install skimmer baskets and directional returns
   -Install chlorinator,pressure gauges and salt generator
   -Install diving board,rails and ladders
   -Check pool water for proper chemistry
   -Add 4 gallons\lbs of shock
   -Waterlevel must be in middle of skimmers or above
   -Insure proper operation of pool and spa
                                -Blow out water from all water lines
    -Disconnect filter, pump, and multiport
                                -Install return plugs (pool/spa)
                                -Removal of diving board and ladder
          -Remove hand rails, ropes and pool floats
       -Disconnect chlorinator or salt generator
                               -Fill water bags and pull up anchors
       -Placement of cover (waterbag/loop loc)
                              - Make sure pool area is completely winterized for 

Weekly Maintenance

Special Maintenance

     This is a great choice for a customers who wants worry-free pool 
  maintenance each week , and a qualified technician will visit your
  pool to provide the following each week:
                  -Skim top surface of debris
                  -Vacuum entire bottom surface of debris
                  -Brush walls and floor
                  -Test water chemistry and add customers chemicals
                  -Backwash system if necessary
                  -Perform equipment inspection ( notify customer of changes)
                  -Clean up service area upon leaving


     Sit back and relax...Here at Dive in pools we offer customizable 
service plans to care for your pool. Let our maintenance department
keep your pool looking perfect all summer long! 

                                          -One-time cleanings
                                          -Chemical Packages
                                          -Pool sitting service
                                          -Vaction service
                                          -Winter cover and pool service
                                          -Call for more information and 
                                            a complete list of all our services
                                            we offer.

Salt Water Systems

Filter Cleaning

                          Seems like salt water systems have become the
lastest rage for swimming pools over the past 10 yrs. Some of the 
reasons why customers are switching to salt water is likely because
you don't have to add chlorine tabs weekly , your skin will feel smooth
and refreshed , and the water will look crystal clear . The process is 
real easy to convert from chlorine to salt water. By letting our technicians install the most efficent salt system to your pool , before 
you know it, your pool will turn into your salt water paradise right before youe eyes.                                
          Is your pool water green or starting not to look
  crystal clear anymore. Have you noticed less pressure from         your returns and no water movement. If you answered Yes
  to anyone of these then you might be experiencing a dirty
  filter. Your pool filter is essential keeping your pool water clean       and if there is a bulid up of debris on the grids this will    
   make your filter work harder , and slow down the cleaning
   process. Here at Dive in pools we will send out one of our 
   pool technicians to work on your filter , and to make sure
   that your equipment is running it's peak performance.